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100% Acrylic mass technology – No other material used; it is one hundred per cent acrylic adhesive material.


Acid Free Tapes – Used mostly for picture mounting, framing and art mounting. The tape will never yellow because it is acid free.

Acrylic Adhesive System – An acrylic resin based adhesive which is characterised by water resistance and very strong adhesion.


Bonding Tape – Tape that is specially designed to hold two materials together with a strong permanent bond.


Ceramic Glazing Tape – This tape can withstand low and high temperatures and is used when glazing both insulating and non-insulating doors made from steel, plastic or timber.

Closed Side – On double sided tape, when the roll is being unravelled, this is the side of the tape with a liner.

Composite Cassette Bonding Tape – 100% waterproof tape. Used for many door systems because it has a large temperature resistant range.


Double Sided Tape – Sticky on both sides, this type of tape is used to hold two surfaces together, such as paper and light card.

Dwell Recommendations – The amount of time you need to wait for an adhesive to stick before you apply weight or pressure.


Euro hole – The standard size hole for all hanging packaging in Europe. Its measurements are 32 mm x 6.5 mm x 9 mm.


Foam Tape – Thicker than most other tapes. It’s most common use is to hang items from ceilings or vertical surfaces. Different strengths of foam tape are available, with different uses, lighter foam tape is used in craft applications and stronger foam tape and stronger foam tape to adhere signs.


Georgian Bar Application Tape – Tape used to stick Georgian Bars to windows.

Glass Transit Pads – Temporary pads which are stuck to glass during transit to project the glass against breaking or scratches. It is made from strong PVC foam coated in low tack adhesive that will not leave a residue on the glass.

Glazing Foam Tape – Used for holding materials together such as metal, wood and plastics. Is for long-term bond and high tack.

Gum Paper Tape – Gum paper tape is an environmentally friendly option when sealing packaging which still works well at high temperatures.


Hard To Adhere – Used to describe a material where normal glues and tapes don’t stick to, for example polystyrene.

High Bond Tapes – These are strong tapes that are used mostly to adhere glass, plastics and steel. Commonly used in the sign industry, where extra strength is needed.

High Tack – If a tape is ‘high tack’, it means that it is a very sticky; permanent tape which is not repositionable.

Hook and Loop – Another name for velcro tape. Hook refers to the rough strip and loop refers to the soft side.

Hot Melt Adhesive – The glue sticks used in glue guns.


Initial Tack – The stickiness of an adhesive tape or glue when it is first applied.

Invisible Bond Line – A tape which leaves an invisible bond line is a tape which cannot be seen once applied.

Liner – The non-adhesive film which is stuck to one of the sticky sides of double sided tape. This film is not used but is removed and discarded once the tape has been applied.

Long Term Tack – How sticky a tape is after a long period of time. A tape with good long term tack will be suitable for permanent use. A tape with poor long term tack should be used for temporary applications.

Low Tack – If a tape is ‘low tack’, it will be less sticky, allowing repositioning or removal without leaving too much residue.


Masking Tapes – Invented by 3M, it is used to bundle materials and fasten paper. Sunlight makes the tape stronger, so removal is harder after long periods of exposure to sunlight.

Mat Decoration Tapes – Acid free, self adhesive tape that is specially designed to decorate mounts when mounting art in a frame.

Micron – An abbreviation for Micrometer. 1 Micron is the equivalent length to 0.001 millimeters. There are 1,000 Microns in 1 mm.

Mount – A thick, high quality cardboard which is often white or ivory, used to surround a piece of artwork in a frame.


NEC Carpet Tape – Tape used for securely fitting carpets, carpet tiles and floor coverings .

No-Noise – A no-noise tape will not make any sound when applied.


Open Side – On double sided tape, when the roll is being unravelled, this is the side of the tape without a liner.


Pallet Stretch Film – This is highly stretchable plastic that is wrapped around items. It holds them together and can be used for bundles or single packages. It is similar to cling film.

Permanent Tape – A permanent tape will not be repositionable once applied.

Polycarbonate – A thermoplastic tape used when high temperature resistance is needed.

Polypropylene Bags – These are transparent bags that allow the contents to be perfectly visible.

Polythene Protection Tape –  This tape helps prevent scratches to metals and plastic parts in the glazing industry.

Pressure Sensitive – A pressure sensitive tape will allow you to position and reposition the tape until you apply a pressure to it. Then it will be permanently stuck down.

PTFE Tape - (Polytetrafluoroethylene Tape). This is used for sealing pipe threads and is often referred to as Plumber’s Tape.

PVC Foam Tape – (Poly vinyl chloride) Foam tape used in glazing to form a water or dust seal. It is only effective as a seal when compressed.


Removable Tape – A temporary tape which can be removed after application. Some residue may be left behind after application onto various different materials.

Repositionable Tape – Tape which you can place and then pull up and replace.

Residue - The sticky substance left on a surface when adhesive tape is removed. High tack tape will leave a lot of residue and low tack tape will leave none or little residue.

Rolls Per Carton (RPC) – A quantity; the number of rolls of tape per carton. A particular tape may only be available for purchase in whole carton quantities.


Self-Adhesive – An adhesive that does not need moisture to stick to a surface but often requires pressure to be applied.


Trim Mounting Tape – Strong tape which performs well outdoors. Typically used to mount light weight plastic trims to windows.


UV – (Ultra Violet) Invisible rays of light, present in sunlight which cause materials to weaken or adhesives to yellow and lose their stick.

UV Resistant – A tape or adhesive which does not degrade when exposed to UV light.


Velcoins – Circular shaped Velcro discs, used for more precise placements, often when the person doesn’t want the Velcro to be seen.


Wetting Properties – A material with wetting properties will shed water droplets rather than absorbing them.