Our PrimelINK RS is a Cleaner and Activator in one. It is particularly easy to process because it is delivered ready to use. In all cases it must be applied to clean, dry surfaces. Our PrimelINK RS is applied with a brush or dried cloth in a thin, uniform coat. After applying our PrimeLINK RS […] Read More >

Isopropanol Cleaner

We offer theĀ UKIT Isopropanol Cleaner which will asset the preparation and cleaning of the surface before application, please refer to the Application Instructions for further information, as below. Application Instruction Guide – 2018   Read More >

Adhesive Tape Roller

Our UKIT Adhesive Tape Roller is an ideal product to use alongside our adhesive tapes once the tapes have been applied onto the surface / application, to then provide a even pressure force, allowing and assistingĀ the tape to cure, flow and bond into the surface. As all adhesive tapes are PSA (pressure sensitive adhesives), correct […] Read More >