4002 Emergency Gangway PVC Low Tack Tape

Our Emergency Gangway Tape is a low tack removable PVC Tape with a bespoke print to advise and promote Emergency Gangways. The Low Tack adhesive allows for clean peel and the laminated PP means the tape is durable when in applied to the surface for foot fall over the tape. Read More >

4001 Easy Peel White PVC Tape

Easy Peel Protection PVC Tape is a matte finish PVC tape characterized by an easy unwinding, straight tear ability and a clean removal without residue. It is suitable for the protection of carpet to floors in the exhibition industry where clean peel removal is important after a period of time. It is perfect for adhering […] Read More >

9494 Masking tape

Cream in colour with a 59gsm paper carrier the 9494 Masking Tape is thicker than the industry standard but is still very flexible making it easy to mould into position for a neat finish. The 9494 Masking Tape must be applied at room temperature for best results. Read More >

79P/2 Cloth Tape

Our high tack waterproof cloth tape is available in a range of colours. Its initial grab makes it ideal for various indoor applications. Read More >

4109 Carpet Tape

  We are the UK’s largest supplier of the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) approved Carpet Tape, our reference 4109. The 4109 is designed for temporary carpet installations direct to exhibition hall floors. It is easily peeled off from carpet backing and exhibition venue floors. We do not recommend using on marble or wooden floors, as well […] Read More >

ProLINK 250R

Our ProLINK 250R is our advanced bonding systems, 0.25mm thick clear pure acrylic tape and comes with a blue filmic release liner R adhesive class has good affinity to plastic (incl. perspex, acrylics, plexiglass & polycarbonate), painted and varnished surfaces. Good initial tack, means that sub-assembled parts can be processed/assembled in situ more quickly. Very […] Read More >