UK Industrial Tapes Ltd is an authorised supplier of BDP products under license to the U.K. and European market. 


Here at UK Industrial Tapes we are fully committed to eco friendly biodegradable* plastic products so we are very excited to be working with Breakdown Plastics Inc to bring you our new Eco Friendly Range.

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UK Industrial Tapes Ltd brochure – UKIT Eco friendly BDP brochure – v24

Green Leaf Certification – Green Leaf OPP Cert

Our Eco Friendly Range:

  • Self-adhesive Hang Tabs and Wobblers
  • OPP Bags
  • Self-adhesive Gift Discs
  • Injection Moulded Products
  • Protective Face Shield Visor – Reference 2005-Eco

The BDPStory:

It’s everywhere we look… in our oceans, our rivers, our lakes, our landfills… even our food. Plastic is a great invention that improves many areas of our lives yet when we are done with it, it sticks around for a long time. We try to recycle it but very few plastics are recyclable and most end up in landfills or our oceans. And with the whole world outraged at the plastic waste epidemic, we knew that something needed to be done. We knew we had to change plastic for good.

What would happen if someone developed an ingredient for plastic that could address plastic waste before it got to market? An ingredient that would be added during the manufacturing process that would enhance biodegradation after the plastic was used and discarded? This kind of technology could seriously lessen the impact of plastic in our oceans and landfills if microbes could simply eat it. Because plastic is so durable, it takes microbes centuries to break it down in our environment. A technology that could not only shorten this time frame, but also create a food source for bacteria, leaving behind only natural remnants, would not only be effective but necessary.

The Science:

Change Plastic for Good® offers a range of biodegradation-enhancing polymers and renewable resins that apply to a specific end-of-life scenario for plastic, rubber, foam, fabric and coated paper waste.

BDP is an organic biodegradation-enhancing ingredient that is added into plastic during manufacturering. Once the treated products enter landfills, soil and oceans, it attracts microbes to consume the plastic over time.

In Short:

Ingredients in BDPaccelerate the biodegradation of otherwise non-biodegradable plastics by providing a foothold for colonies of microorganisms. This foothold allows the microorganisms. This foothold allows the microorganisms to begin metabolizing the treated plastics.

BDPcan be used in most plastics, synthetic fabric and yarn, rubber and foam

Tested via ASTM D5511 by Intertek.  

*Disclaimer: Based on testing of sample resins using the ASTM D5511 test, which is conducted under laboratory conditions that do not reflect conditions in actual landfills. Actual biodegradation rates will vary in biologically active landfills according to the type of plastic used, the product configuration, and the solid content, temperature and moisture levels of the landfill.

Find out more about biodegradability testing at and

Laws in California, Maryland and Washington prohibit the sale of plastic packaging and plastic products that are labelled with the terms ‘biodegradable,’ ‘degradable,’ or ‘decomposable,’ or any form of those terms, or that imply in any way that the item will break down, biodegrade or decompose in a landfill or other environment. These restrictions apply to all sales in or into these states, including such sales over the Internet.



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