ATG Tape

20th March 2023

Our ATG Tapes (adhesive transfer tape) are an ideal solution for accurate and efficient taping onto materials.

Due to the ATG Dispenser system, the release liner will relive itself within the gun, allowing for the adhesive tape to be applied onto the surfaces with no release liner, creating a quick and effective adhesive tape solution.

ATG Tapes will also provide an accurate application method for some demanding applications where the landing area for the tape is crucial and the need for an effective and efficient production line is vital.

We offer a range of performance grades, all to ensure you use the correct ATG Tape for your application.

Our range is;

  • 201 – General Purpose
  • 202 – General Purpose
  • 203 – Standard Grade, High Performance
  • 203 – Standard Grade, High Performance
  • 204 – Premium Grade, High Performance
  • 7001- Premium Grade, High Performance
  • 3M 908 – Premium Grade, High Performance

We offer the ATG Dispensers;

  • 3M Yellow ATG Dispenser

ATG Tape: