Low Tack Foam Pads for Hardware Protection

Our Foam Protection Pads are the perfect product for protecting hardware (handles, hinges ext.) through production, distribution and  installation. The Pads are coated with a low tack adhesive, to ensure they can be removed, leaving no residue.   Read More >

Cleaning & Surface Preparation Products

The correct initial preparation of the surface the adhesive tape is bonding too is key to ensure the tape can perform and create the ultimate bond over time. Therefor we supply a range of Cleaning and Preparation products to suit certain applications and substrates. We offer; Isopropanol Cleaner (liquid bottle) Isopropanol Cleaner (wipes) PrimeLINK RS […] Read More >

Golf Grip Tape – GGT18

UK Industrial Tapes offers our GGT18 Golf Grip Tape to the golfing industry, as our premium grip tape. Our GGT18 comes in a vast range of widths (50mm & 19mm industry standard) and meter age per roll to suit all requirements, we also produce our GGT18 in 10” x 2” strips. Our GGT18 offers a […] Read More >

POS Roller

Read More >

Primelink RS

Our Primelink RS is an adhesion promoter. Read More >


Our ISOPROP is our Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaner. Read More >

Mini Rolls

The easiest way to bundle wrap and protect products in production, transit or everyday application. Our mini rolls are cast film and will only stick to themselves, this means that bundles will not stick together. Stock line, for next day delivery. For large quantity enquiries for supported pricing, please contact our Sales Account Executives. Read More >

Packaging Tape – Polyprop

We stock a range of Clear and Buff, Silent Polyprop Packing Tape. Branded ranges include Manuli Tapes and Vibac Tapes. 10,000+ rolls held in stock for next day delivery. We also stock the Fragile Printed Tape & Hazard Warning Tapes. For Printed Packaging Tape, we can offer competitive pricing, please contact our Sales Account Executives […] Read More >

Packaging Tape Dispenser

We stock a large amount of the Heavy Duty Packaging Tape Dispensers to be sold along side our range of Packaging Tapes. Large box or pallet orders of Packaging Tape will receive a free number of dispensers, please contact our Sales Account Managers to discuss; sales@ukindustrialtapes.co.uk Read More >