Our 8001 Expanding Foam Tape is now BBA Approved!

3rd July 2024

Our 8001 Range Expanding Foam Tape is ideal for joint sealing and gap filling in a range of applications within the Glass, Glazing, Roofing & Construction market and is now BBA approved.

The 8001 Range will provide a seal against the most demanding environmental conditions from “Air / Dust” to “Water / Driving Rain” at 600 Pa. It is a pre-compressed polyurethane foam. Manufactured to ISO 9001 and is approved to DIN 18542 and DIN 4102.

Having gained the BBA for our 8001 Expanding Foam Tape, this now provides a further performance indicator on our 8001 to our customer base, ensuring that the 8001 remain a leading performing Expanding Foam Tape in the market.

Size guide: 8001 Expanding Foam Tape BBA Approved Size Guide

If we can assist with our BBA Approved Expanding Foam tape for your project or application, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Sales Team right away:

E: sales@ukindustrialtapes.co.uk

T: 0191 269 7810