Here at UK Industrial Tapes we have a range of tapes compatible with smart systems that are used very widely in the fabrication and glazing industry.

Compatible Tape Range Specification Sheet – Smart Systems Approvaed tapes 2024

Evolution Window & Alitherm 47 Heritage Window

  • Glazing Tape
    FoamLINK 3003H+ (Black only)
    GUKIT300310326B / 10mm x 3mm x 26M
  • Glazing Tape
    FoamLINK 1603H+ (White or Black)
    GUKIT1603101646 / 10mm x 1.6mm x 46M
  • Georgian Bar Tape
    FoamLINK 1103H+ (White or Black)
    GUKIT110310150 / 10mm x 1mm x 50m / For use on the UN3220 & UN3225 Georgian Bar
    GUKIT110315150 / 15mm x 1mm x 50m / For use on the W20165 Georgian Bar
    GUKIT110320150 / 20mm x 1mm x 50m / For use on the W20166 Georgian Bar

For our Georgian Bar Tapes, please refer to our Application Guide when using on our FoamLINK 1103H+ on the UN3220, W20165 & W20166 Bars. Application Instruction Guide – Georgian Bar Tapes

Surface Preparation & Cleaner
Cleaner & Activator in One / PRIMELINKRS250ML / 250ml Bottle
Isopropanol Surface Cleaner / GUKITISOPROP1L / 1 Ltr Bottle

For use on the Visoglide Plus “Slim Interlock Assembly

  • Security Glazing Tape
    68130 (White or Black)
    GUKIT6813030420 / 30mm x 4mm x 20M

Low Tack Protection Tape

  • 0803CL – Used on Standard profiles (NOT the Sensation or KL 14)
    80 Micron thick White on Black Low Tack Protection Tape
  • 8512 –Used for the Grey KL14ST System only (Not for use on the Sensations Range)
    88 micron thick Green Polyester Tape

For samples or a quotation of our range, please advise our Sales Account Executives, who shall arrange free samples for you to evaluate:

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