We offer our 331 as our Trim Tape.

The 331 is a 1mm thick, double sided white and black PE Foam with a high tack Modified Acrylic Adhesive and a amber paper release liner.

With a fantastic initial tack and specific bonding capabilities too UPVC, Polypropylene, Styrene and other hard to adhere plastics, it makes the 331 the ultimate Trim Tape to ensure the triams stay bonding when in application.

Why use the 331:

  • 1mm thick PE Foam
  • 9mm and 10mm wide held in stock
  • White or Black (White is our best seller)
  • Specifically developed to stick to UPVC, Polypropylene, Styrene and other hard to adhere plastics. So the perfect trim tape.
  • It has a fantastic initial tack.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Mass stock held for next day delivery

* Not be used for the Georgian Bar application or any load bearing application



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