33 Range, Double Sided PE Foam Tape

  Our 33 Range, PE (331, 3316 and 3303) Foam Tapes are double coated, PE foam tape ideally suited to bonding difficult and dissimilar surfaces including metals, wood, ceramics, plastics and even painted and powder coated finishes, making it the ideal choice for glazing applications. 331 – 1mm thick, PE Foam, in White or Black […] Read More >

Carbon Dioxide Detection Tape

Product Coming Soon… Read More >

8440 Eco Clear Self-Adhesive Disc

  Our 8440 Eco Compostable discs are the perfect product for sealing and securing packaging and offering the important Eco Friendly and Compostable solution to your packaging. Produced from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations. The film complies to EN13432 standards for composting and is OK Compost and OK Compost Home certified. The adhesive is […] Read More >

Hydrogen Detection Tapes

Nitto Hydrogen Detection Tape DX-2106H allows for the visual detection of hydrogen gas leaks by permanently changing colour when in contact with hydrogen gas. Tape visually changes colour, from amber to black, in as little as 10 seconds when exposed to H2 (depending on the flow rate, temperature, time and percentage of hydrogen). Provides an additional […] Read More >

Ammonia Detection Tapes

Ammonia detection tape allows for the visual detection of ammonia gas leaks by changing colour from white to blue/green when in contact with ammonia gas. Tape visually changes colour, from white to dark blue/green, in as little as 10 seconds when exposed to NH3 (depending on the flow rate, temperature, time and percentage of ammonia). […] Read More >

8440 Clear Self-Adhesive Disc

Our 8440 Range are our single sided clear discs. Ideal for sealing and securing packaging product. We produce and supply with a permanent or removable adhesive, with or without a perforation and with 1,000 up to 10,000 discs per roll.   Read More >

33 Range

We offer our 33 Range as our Security Glazing Tape. The security glazing tape has a extremely high initial tack with a very durable PVC foam, all to ensure water tightness and draught proofing between the frame and glass. Supplied and used within the timber, upvc and aluminium windows. We offer a vast range of […] Read More >

Seal Repair Tape

Our SR Tape is an extremely robust, rubberized, waterproof tape that instantly Seals and Repairs against water, air and moisture to create a flexible and secure barrier. It is specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that conforms and flows to any shape or application, due to the high levels of adhesive on the […] Read More >

1010 Carpet Protection Film

Our 1010 General Purpose Low Tack Carpet Protection Tape is clear and 100 micron thick. Designed for short term protection of your synthetic flooring (*Not to be used on Wool Flooring and Stairs). Ensure storage under normal room conditions (+8 to +35°C): max. 6 months. Surfaces to be protected should be dry, free from dust, […] Read More >

1010 100 Micron Clear Protection Film

This protective film can be used to protect sensitive surfaces against mechanical damage and dust or dirt in transport transit, storage and assembly. Main applications for protection for the following surfaces: Rough, matt, structured surfaces Lacquered or painted surfaces with low gloss Metal sheets Carpets (synthetic carpets only. *not for use on wool carpets or […] Read More >