High-performance Tissue Tape

Competitive pricing (Buying direct from the producer and converter)

Our 421 is our 100 micron thick, premium grade, high performance Tissue Tape with a solvent acrylic adhesive.

Specially designed solvent acrylic adhesive system provides high levels of initial adhesion to most substrates. Will bond to metal, ceramic, glass, paper, board, plastic, fabric and many more . Very good on UV varnished board.

Can be used for both internal and external applications

100 Micron Thick with a White paper release liner
Available is popular widths such as 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 24mm, 38mm and 48mm from stock. We can also convert any bespoke slit widths required.
Standard meterage of 50 Meters per roll. We can also convert onto long length rolls (pancake rolls) such as 100, 150m, 200m or 250m.

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