FR performance (meets the US UL94-V0)

Anti slip external face

High initial tack (will bond to most building surfaces)

High weather resistance (for all external and demanding use)

Our Fire Proof Membrane is a special waterproof membrane with high weather resistance and high fire rating.

Four-layer composite structure, with good initial adhesion, peel strength and weather resistance; Its low odour, no toxic and harmful substances, in line with high performance and environmental protection trends. It also has good flame-retardant performance and meets the US UL94-V0 fire protection standard.

Brochure link: Fire Proof Membrane

Used as a fire barrier under solar systems on pitched roofs and other general roofing and building fire retardant type applications.

For further information on ourĀ Fire Proof Membrane, please contact our Sales team on:

E: sales@ukindustrialtapes or T: 0191 269 7810

Silver / Grey
1m x 10m (39.37 x 10.93 inches)

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