Kraft Paper Tape - Eco 25 - 50m

Kraft Paper Tape - Eco 25 - 50m

Product Code: FSICECO253850
Availability: In Stock
Price: £6.26 Per Roll incl. VAT
48 or more £2.70 incl. VAT
144 or more £2.54 incl. VAT
240 or more £2.50 incl. VAT


This product is ideal for sealing the back of framed pictures. It has a 70gsm paper with a long lasting, non-ageing very aggressive adhesive system. It is very flexible and sticks to itself very well, producing a neat and professional finish quickly and effectively. 
When the tape is on the frame, store the frame in a warm dry place. The Eco 25 paper will absorb airborne moisture and wrinkle if stored in a cold or damp place.
Product code: FSICECO253850
Size: 38mm x 50m
RPC: 48


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