Our Frame Sealing Tapes are for sealing up the back of the picture frames to give a neat and professional finish to the frame whilst also providing a seal so that no dust, air pollens and insects can damage the artwork.

We offer a wide range of Frame Sealing Tapes in differently thickness and specifications. Our Eco 15 is our Best Selling Frame Sealing Tape and is very flexible and conformable to shape into the back of the frame. Our Eco 25 is a  thicker version to our Eco 15, it is thicker and strong but just quite as flexible as the Eco 15. Then our premium Frame Sealing Tape, 504NS is a high coat weight Kraft paper tape, giving a very high tack with a 70gsm paper, each roll is individually wrapped in plastic bag. It sticks to itself very well ensuring corners do not need to be mitred.

We stock all Frame Sealing Tapes at 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 75mm widths on 50 meter roll.

Our range consists of;

  • Eco 15 – 60 gsm paper
  • Eco 25 – 70gsm paper
  • Tesa 4309 – 70gsm paper
  • 504NS – 70 gsm paper, waxed finish

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