UK Industrial Tapes are the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of acid free tapes into the Art and Framing Industries.

We initially developed our range of Archival tapes specifically for demanding picture framing applications, such as Mounting & Hinging;

Picture mounting and hinging tapes are used to attach the artwork or photo to the mount. They should be pH-neutral (acid free) so as to protect the artwork from acidity and premature aging (conservation).

For this particular application we offer either self-adhesive hinging tapes or gummed hinging tapes;

  • Self adhesive hinging tapes

Our two best sellers are our PH770 Single sided hinging tape and our PH Neutral Single sided hinging tape. We also offer self-adhesive linen hinging tape for heavier artwork.

  • Gummed hinging tapes

We offer an acid free gummed paper tape, an acid free gummed linen tape and for museum grade work we offer our Cotton Rag Tape (also gummed).


For more demanding applications we offer our Acid Free Fillet tape, our 150HS textiles tape and even offer our Ph770 in an ATG tape format for use with the ATG guns – making this the perfect product for mount to mount applications for our Framing customers.

With an extensive selection of Archival Tapes and over 20 years’ experience in the industry, UK Industrial Tapes are the first choice for all applications where Archival Tapes are used.

Please see our Application Guide to revert too when using our tapes within application to gain the best results;




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