782 Low Tack Protection Film

Our 782 is our 40 Micron Blue, Clear or Green Low Tack Protection Tape. This protective film can be used to protect sensitive surfaces against mechanical damage and dust or dirt in transport transit, storage and assembly. Protection for the following surfaces: High gloss, smooth and shiny surfaces Plastics: PP, PVC, ABS Lacquered or painted […] Read More >

Low Tack Protection Tapes

We offer the below Low Tack Protection Tapes compatible for the Smart System Systems. Low Tack Protection Tape 0803CL – Used on Standard profiles (NOT the Sensation or KL 14) 80 Micron thick White on Black Low Tack Protection Tape 1009 – Used for the Sensations Range only (Not for use on the KL 14) 100 Micron […] Read More >

4088H – Nitto Clear Low Tack Protection

This 80-micron thick Clear Low Tack Protection Tape may be used to protect lacquered plates, plastics and other matt surfaces during storage, transportation and light mechanical processes. Read More >

3103H – Nitto Black Low Tack Protection

This 100-micron thick film is the highest quality Black Low Tack protection Tape available today, our thickest product in our range is ideal for Protection of surfaces during many mechanical transformations, protection against damage scratches, abrasion, dirt during storage and transportation. Read More >

0803CL – 80 Micron White on Black Low Tack Protection Tape

   This 80-micron thick, White on Black Low Tack Protection Tape is a extremely popular product for protection of sensitive surfaces against damage, dust and dirt during transport, storage or assembly. This tape is used vastly within the Glass and Glazing Industry for protecting UPVC and Aluminium Window and Door profiles. 0803CL details: Any widths […] Read More >